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Question 1: What should I bring to my medical appointment?


1. Passport

2. An interpreter if necessary

3. Glasses/contact lenses (we will check your vision)




Question 2: How long will the medical examination take?


About an hour for the medical and up to two hours maximum if you require a chest x-ray




Question 3: When will I get my results?


Everything should be completed within 1 -4 working days. Provided there are no abnormal findings, we will submit directly to NZ immigration.




Question 4: Can I eat and drink before the examination?


Yes you can eat and drink before your appointment and we recommend you drink plenty of water as we require a urine sample.




Question 5: Why do I need this Immigration Medical?


If you want to live, work or study in NZ, You need to provide an immigration medical and chest x-ray.

NZ Immigration will let you know if you are medically fit to live in New Zealand.




Question 6: Can I have the exam if I have my menstrual period?


Yes - but you may need to have your urine test on another occasion as the menstrual blood can contaminate the urine.



Question 7: Can I have a copy of my results?


Yes - We can give you a copy of your results and there will be no extra charge for this.